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5 Tips To Look Great In A Corporate Photo

How To Look Great In A Corporate Photo

Your corporate photos may be published online, in magazines or in other types of marketing and promotional material. You understandably want to look your best in these pictures. More than that, you may want to highlight your devotion to your customers, your business expertise, your desire to serve or some other unique trait through the photo. Taking time to prepare for the photo session is a great idea that can help you to create the results you desire. With proper effort and planning, you can more easily create the images that you desire through your corporate photo shoot. Consider following some of these tips for your next photo shoot. 

Highlight Your Successes

Many corporate photo shoots will be conducted with the intention of commemorating a special event or a milestone. For example, an executive may need a photo created to announce a new product that is being released or a new branch location opening. You can set up a scene that incorporates the milestone or success in it. For example, the executive could hold the new product or stand in front of the new branch location. 

Include Your Logo or Brand in Your Picture

Another great idea is to incorporate your company's brand image or logo into the picture. This may be by standing in front of a huge marketing banner, a company car with the logo on it, the front of your professional office building or even in front of a billboard. There are many creative ways that you can include your corporate brand or logo in the photo. 

Have Fun and Be Creative

You can be like any other business professional when you sit at a desk in a suit, and your image may not get much attention. However, when you step outside of the box, have fun and be creative with your photo shoot, you may be surprised by how much attention your image can get. Consider choosing a unique location, including interesting people in the photo shoot, doing something zany or creative in the image or otherwise taking an entirely different an unexpected spin on your photos. You do not have to remain professional at all times in these images, and some of the best images are those that are completely unexpected. 

Share the Stage

Another option that you can consider is sharing the stage with others. According to the professional corporate photographer Andy Templeton, a CEO may take a corporate photo with other executives surrounding him in front of the office building or at a meeting table. The professional may be surrounded by happy customers, hard-working employees or others. While the purpose of the image may be to highlight your successes or may otherwise be focused on you in some way, you do not have to be the only person in the picture. After all, a company is not run by one person. It takes a whole team of professionals to make it a success.

Be Professional

Of course, you can break the mold and be creative, but you do not have to. Some corporate images are best when they are truly professional in all ways. You should consider how the image will be used and who the audience will be. Will they be receptive to creativity, or is it best to stick to the norm and showcase your professionalism? Even when you are professional, you do not have to stick with the normal corporate head shot image. Instead, consider sitting at your desk, on the edge of your desk, in a meeting room or in front of your building. You can still wear your suit or other business attire, but you can shake up the backdrop for different results. 

When you make the decision that you need to get a corporate photo made, you generally will have a specific reason for it. You may need a new photo to use on your business cards or on your website. You may be writing a magazine article and need an image to go along with it. Perhaps you want to include an image with your marketing brochures. With so many different options available, you can spend time today planning for your photo session. You may also ask your photographer for some advice and creative ideas. With planning, you can easily create the perfect image.

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